Life In Brazil Trough The Eyes of Hans Kolbeek

This is the homepage for A Little Brazilian

Here’s a picture of January 2016 and a picture of April 2017

January 2016
April 2017

Just making this page up real quick because otherwise WordPress automatically puts your blogposts on your homepage. I have only 1 blogpost, so my homepage would show the one and only big piece of blogpost content I have written about how to get a cpf for foreigners in Brazil. And then Google wouldn’t know what page is more relevant for the query “cpf for foreigners in Brazil” so now that I made this random homepage, I only have one big piece of content left that’s relevant for that query so I am hoping it will rank a lot better and people will find the blogpost when they are in need of a CPF as a foreigner.

Check it out and follow this account on Facebook for live updates on that Brazil life.